New Jersey PTA Meritorious Service Award


The NJPTA Meritorious Service Award is bestowed upon an individual who had a lead role in an outstanding, successful endeavor contributing to the welfare of New Jersey’s children. This award recognizes an individual that has given their time and talent in a specific activity, ongoing program or the development of a new project that promotes advocacy for children. Who should be recognized?

  • Someone who developed a successful program promoting child advocacy— through involvement in children’s education, health or well-being.
  • Had a positive effect on children through continuous service to children, parents, the school and/or community.
  • Performed outstanding work in the school or community resulting in an increased awareness on issues affecting children.

Meritorious Service Award Application

New Jersey PTA Honorary Life Membership


Do you know of someone who is deserving of a Life Membership? The New Jersey PTA Life Membership is an honorary award presented to a person who has given outstanding service for the welfare of children and youth. It recognizes someone who has promoted the well-being of children by serving as an advocate for them in the areas of education, health, safety and legislation. The recipient of the NJPTA Honorary Life Membership will appreciate the high honor. It is the highest honor the State PTA can bestow on your school community and state. The Honoree can be a Past/Present PTA President, School Administrator, Retiring Teacher, Outstanding Teacher or Special Volunteer.

This honorary membership does not carry with it the right to vote, make motions, or serve as an officer in the local PTA, unless the recipient has a membership in that local PTA. It does, however, entitle the Life Member the privilege of attending the annual state convention as a voting delegate.

The honor of the Life Membership is something the recipient should carry with much honor, distinction, and pride.

Life Membership Application​​

2019 Award Season is Here!

New Jersey PTA wants to recognize and award your Local Unit for the innovative and engaging programs your PTA brings to your students and families throughout the year.

During the 2018 calendar year, did your PTA:

★ Advocate on behalf of children at your school and in the community?
★ Encourage participation in and exposure to the arts?
★ Create and maintain effective and open communication with members?
★ Demonstrate active participation in programs to encourage diversity and inclusion?
★ Promote environmental awareness through PTA activities?
★ Host family engagement programs to strengthen the school, family and community partnership?
★ Educate the PTA community about healthy lifestyles?
★ Involve more male members in PTA leadership roles?
★ Run a fun and unique membership drive to attract, retain and increase members?

PTA is a collaborative effort between the parents, school staff and students.  A strong relationship between the school and home, results in student success.

★ Does your PTA work with an outstanding Superintendent, Principal or Teacher?

If you answered yes to any/all of the above, go to and click on 2019 NJPTA Awards Packet! below!

Review the packet and download the applications.

Send your completed applications in today!
(Note: Eligible programs/activities took place in the 2018 calendar year.)  Application deadline is February 15, 2019.  Questions?


We look forward to receiving your applications and to honoring our award winning PTAs/Outstanding Educators at the:

NJPTA Leadership Convention
Ocean Place Resort and Spa
Long Branch, NJ
March 22-23, 2019

​2019NJPTA Award Packet

2018 Award Recipients