Brenda Calderone


Brenda Calderone

Human Resources Chairman and Member at Large


Brenda Calderone was raised by two NYC public school teachers and at an early age knew the true value of a good public education. She witnessed firsthand the inequities that afflicted the education system and its students. Growing up next door to the first woman to be elected to the city council she learned early on that if you want progress to be made in any facet of life, you must use your voice and advocate for those causes you believe in.

After settling in New Jersey, Brenda and her husband Lew started their family. Their first son, Christopher was born, and they moved to Brick, New Jersey and had another son David. David was diagnosed with a disability and soon after, Brenda found herself on the front line of advocating for the rights of Children with disabilities. She and several other parents who also had children with special needs formed the Brick Township Special Education PTA. Finding many parents in need of support, she became

a parent advocate and assisted special education parents in the IEP process. Through the years her work with PTAs grew and she served as President, Legislative Chairman, and Special Education Chairman at the local level. She later served on the Ocean County Council PTA as Recording Secretary, Legislative Chairman and Special Education Chairman. Her PTA experience eventually led her to the NJPTA where she has served as Special Education Chairman and presently serves as a Member at Large and Human Resources Chairman. Brenda has been on several State Committees including the NJ Coalition for Special Education and the NJ IDEA Roundtable to name a few.

She continues her efforts with NJPTA to be a voice for all children.