Candy Fredericks, Candidate for President

Candy Fredericks Resume

Candy’s Candidate Statement

It is with great excitement to accept the nomination for President of New Jersey PTA. I am deeply honored to know my fellow PTA members felt me worthy of such an important responsibility.

I have been a member of PTA for the past 39 years when my son entered Kindergarten in 1981, I have held many positions on the local, county and state levels, my most recent position is Region Director on the state level, I am also still active on the local level and county level.

I truly know how hard our locals work for the children.  I feel that my qualifications over these many years will most certainly be beneficial to not only the New Jersey PTA, Council PTAs and our local PTAs statewide.

If I am honored to be elected as the 2021 – 2023 President of New Jersey PTA, I understand that I will be requested to help and aid not only council PTAs, but most importantly the Local PTAs.

One of my biggest tasks will be what can be done to help our locals to advocate for all of our children.  Our children are our first priority.  We need to continue to promote the welfare of our children in home, school and community. Fundraising is good but advocating for the children is even better.  By doing this we need to increase our membership, family engagement and diversity efforts statewide. I would like New Jersey PTA to work closely with the locals so we could accomplish these tasks. 

I would also like to educate our local leaders about the history of PTA and what PTA has done for the children since it first started on February 17, 1897. As State President, I will make sure that the local PTAs know what our State and National PTA has to offer.

My passion runs deep when it comes to PTA and I believe that it is so important that we as a State, County and Local PTA do everything we can to enhance the learning environment of our children.  The children are our future.  One person cannot do it alone, and it will take all of us working together to ensure that their future is as bright as they are.

Candy Fredericks, Candidate for President