Carey Smith, Candidate for Region Director

Carey Smith Resume

Carey’s Candidate Statement

My name is Carey Smith, I am interested in the position of Region Director for the State of New Jersey PTA.

I have been involved with my local South Mountain PTA since my daughter was in Kindergarten (2013) when they were looking for a replacement treasurer. I have served 2 terms, a total of 4 years on the local PTA as treasurer, and I am in my second term as the Parliamentarian.

I also served 1 year on the Middle School HSA board as the Liaison to the Board of Education.

I decided to get involved back in 2013 to get more involved in the on-goings of the school and to try and to make change with regards to health and safety issues that I realized were problems for students that had various allergies. I have realized that things are very slow to change, which is very disheartening- but a few changes were made to allergy policies due to advocating for students with allergies. 

I would like to take my experience in the local PTA to the next level and be able to provide my experience and expertise to the State PTA as well as assist other local chapters with my knowledge of the PTA and the way school systems work.

Being involved in the PTA also has help in speaking with various legislative leaders as well, and I think my experience in the political world will help this as well.

The PTA is a wonderful organization, that I feel many more parents, grandparents, etc. need to get involved in. There are many resources that are overlooked at the local level that could benefit the various memberships of the local PTA’s.

I appreciate your time and consideration in regards to considering me as a Region Director for the State of New Jersey PTA.



Carey P. Smith