Minecraft Hour of Code

Join us for this one-hour virtual workshop to take part in the Microsoft Hour of Code Series. Using the power of code, students aged 8 and up will explore the foundations of coding with their friends from Minecraft, Star Wars, and Frozen! These tutorials use the coding “blockly” to introduce students to the concepts of coding and spark their interest in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

 By the end of the workshop, students will be able to: 

  • Create a list of coding instructions.  
  • Instruct a computer to perform tasks in a sequence. 
  • Test and refine their coding instructions to complete puzzles and maps across various settings 

1. How will the students access the coding sessions? Students will be provided an access link to a Microsoft Teams session before the course begins.

2. Is the data tracked? Microsoft Teams sessions workshop usage is tracked by the greater Microsoft company, so student data is not recorded but they actually use the software for reporting purposes.

3. Are there materials provided for the students? There are no materials supplied to students, but they are provided links to the websites that house quite a bit of content for them to review in their free time.

4. Do the students have homework? Students will not be assigned homework.

5. Do the students receive certificates of completion at the end of the course? Students will receive certificates they can print on their end for the Minecraft Hour of Code.

6. What happens if a student misses a session? If a student misses a session – they are perfectly able to move onto the next session.


12/7 7pm-8pm NJPTA Hour of Code – Star Wars