Jackie Gibbs, Candidate for Secretary

Jackie Gibbs Resume

Jackie’s Candidate Statement

I once heard an African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together”.  It is in our journey together that we can accomplish much more to uphold the mission of the New Jersey Parent Teacher Association (NJPTA).  I, therefore, submit my candidacy to take this journey along with you, to serve as your NJPTA Secretary. 

After performing two terms as NJPTA Family Engagement Chair, I’d like to attain an officer role and serve in a different capacity within the organization. I believe I am equipped for the Secretarial role which requires experience working with a wide-range of people.  On a volunteer level, I currently work with resources from several industries such as Education, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, and Healthcare, just to name a few.  I have experience working with ancillary organizational support systems including vendors, school administration and businesses that collaborate with non-profit organizations. My recent partnership with Microsoft and Bayer Corporation, while serving at the state and county PTA level, are examples of my ability to build relationships that transcend boundaries.

Secretaries are leaders at the helm of the organization’s communication hub and by utilizing my organizational skills and precise attention to detail, I will commit to keeping our leadership and members informed in order to make strategic decisions about the NJPTA.  I fulfill the secretarial requirement on a professional level as I’m responsible for managing a team and collaborating with cross-functional teams in the corporate environment.  These levels include a spectrum of people from an individual contributor, which is an employee of the company having no managerial responsibilities, to the Executive Leadership team.  In the middle of the spectrum are senior leadership and middle level managers, all which I have experience interacting with in several capacities.  In most circumstances, I’m communicating project statuses, conducting presentations, or developing programs and processes, skills that I can impart in my role as Secretary.

My involvement and contribution of 20 plus years with the PTA, as well as other non-profit organizations, has prepared me for the role and responsibilities of the secretarial position, a pivotal position managing records, timelines, and other important artifacts for the NJPTA.  Lastly, transitioning from a board member to an officer position would be a natural progression for me. I am ready to make a contribution at the next level.  I’ve previously held leadership positions at the local, county and state and am ready to be a change agent in another capacity. Becoming the NJPTA secretary provides me the latitude to serve and provide service to the mission of the PTA.  Let’s take this journey so that we may go farther together inspiring and influencing our New Jersey students and families.

Jackie Gibbs