Jennifer D’Antuono, Candidate for Region Director

Jennifer D’Antuono Resume

Jennifer’s Candidate Statement

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Jennifer D’Antuono. I am a self diagnosed volunteer addict – as that’s what I feel like I’ve done my whole life. I love to get involved not only in causes, but in the core of the organization and help where I can. I love to get into planning either strategies to grow or in organizing events, especially since my moving forward attitude is to do things correctly and fully or not to do them at all.

When I received the email calling for volunteers to serve as officers and members of the NJ State PTA organization, I was intrigued. I waited a day or two to decide if I was crazy or not to add another project to my plate, but I decided to hit reply and find out more. After talking with Lisa Falco, I decided I would like to join the PTA at state level and see if I can extend my reach to help the children and community from the school level.

As a child, I always admired the parents that gave their all to the school. At first it was because they got to see their child in school during the day, but then it was because I knew as a child there was another adult looking out for the wellbeing of the students at the school. As a parent, I jumped right in as a class parent for my daughter’s class. Then I wanted to be involved more, so I made sure to attend the PTA meetings and volunteered when I could. By the end of the year, the then President told me that I could be involved at board level even if I worked during the day, and as a result I was treasurer the year after.

Here is the honest part of my PTA Board Member experience. I served as Treasurer for two and a half years, at which point I was asked to take over for the President for the year left of the term. I tried to keep things more organized and did duties that the previous President had handed off, yet I felt were President duties – to this day I am told I made changes for the better.

At the time, there was a member of the board who had been long serving and started a movement to have me removed (and other drama continued through the year with others), so I resigned as of the end of the calendar year and did not complete my term. I couldn’t have been too bad, because I was asked back as treasurer and was reelected for a second term (this year I am serving as Treasurer even though I don’t have a child in the school because I will have one enrolled next year). I just wanted to be upfront about my short Presidential experience. 

My dedication to children has never waved, especially in the education department. I would love, if allowed to join the organization, to help create a county level PTA to help unite the PTA’s. I already see what the benefits there are at a local level with our town council and would love to see the sharing and comradery with the different towns. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn more about the PTA on levels beyond local and to see the potential that could be. Please accept this letter and the attached application for your review to be part of your organization.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.