Lynette Howard, Candidate for Vice President of Advocacy

Lynette Howard Resume

Lynette’s Candidate Statement

Time flies! I am so excited to be seeking the role as Vice President of Advocacy for another term.  An opportunity to continue to serve you as we advocate for our families because we still have work to do. 

Local and federal legislation is important. Working with our teachers, administrators and agencies as we strategically plan for the betterment of all our children. 

It has certainly been a challenging year but also an exciting year adapting to change in so many ways. It has also been an eye opener as to how it is more important than ever to work together for our students.

With the pandemic and the COVID epidemic it has definitely exposed us to the sad reality of digital divide, food insecurity, failing infrastructure in our schools, mental health, special education, social injustice and racism, lack of teachers not mention those that prey on our young people through the web and Human Trafficking. 

Let’s ADVOCATE! We need to TALK to our Legislators about how important our children are!!!  How frágil the home and school relationship has definitely become. We need to change the narrative of this story. 

I am willing to STAND arm in arm with you and for you. As we work together we can make a difference! Let’s continue the work and let’s Raise our voices. 

As an Parent, PTA member, PTA leader and Advocate serving for more than 18 years for our children I understand! 

It would be a pleasure to continue to empower you as we rebuild our schools and communities. 



Lynette Howard